Why Bamboo

Up to Twice as Hard as traditional Hardwood flooring and an Environmentally Sustainable Alternative, it’s no Wonder  Bamboo Flooring is Fast Becoming a Hugely Popular Flooring Choice.

Environmentally Friendly
Bamboo flooring is a renewable alternative to hardwood timbers. It has a rapid growth cycle of 4-6 years, continues growing after it is harvested and has high productivity per hectare.

DurabilityBamboo is up to twice as hard as hardwood floors. It is suitable for most areas including commercial or high traffic spaces, and is even pet and stiletto-friendly!

Due to its construction, bamboo flooring is well suited to the Australian environment with the technology in the manufacturing processes its stability has improved greatly making it a great choice for your quality flooring needs.

Stylish Appearance
Bamboo flooring will bring all the warmth and beauty of hardwood to your home. Choose from a range of colours and styles to create a classic or modern finish.

Allergen-free and Termite Resistant
The manufacturing process and natural properties of bamboo make it allergen-free and termite resistant

Simple Installation
Laying bamboo floors is so simple you can do it yourself, or have a professional team do it in no time. Bamboo flooring can be laid on a variety of bases, from a concrete slab to existing tiled floors.

Clean, No Fumes
Bamboo flooring is supplied as a finished product and is already coated, so you won’t have any mess and dangerous fumes normally associated with onsite sanding and polishing.

Easy Cleaning
Bamboo floors don’t trap dirt and can be easily and quickly cleaned with a mop or sponge.

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